16 Year Old Basketball Player Dies After Freak Accident On Basketball Court

A community in Ohio is mourning the death of a teenager after a freak accident following a basketball game with friends.

According to WJW, 16-year-old Noah Lear died early Wednesday morning from injuries he suffered 18 days ago.

Melissa Griffin, Lear’s mother, told the Galion Inquirer that he was playing basketball with friends at church when he tried to dunk the ball.

“When he went to dunk the ball, the whole thing- post, backboard and rim, came down on him,” Griffin said.

After fighting valiantly for 18 days, Noah has taken his last breath. He is no longer in pain.

He has left his mark on so many people in this world in his short life. Since his accident he has brought his friends, his family, his community, and many others throughout our world together. His accident has touched so many. It has reminded us all that anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Noah spent his life trying to make others happy and standing up for what he felt to be right. He put 110% into being the best he could be.

Not only will he live on through those of us who he has left his mark on, but he will help others continue to live as a donor. For everyone who has been moved by Noah’s story or by Noah himself do as he would. Keep your chin up, make others around you smile, always give your very best, and stand up for what is right. Take this love, strength, and support into the world around you. This tragedy brought his school closer together. In a way it has brought us all together. We all have a bond that can never be taken. Through all of us Noah will continue to change the world in which we live.

This page has gotten over 4,000 likes and been seen by over 130,000 people. Twitter has put his story out there to over 300,000 and counting. He is reaching the world. You all are his miracle. He has made a difference and through all of you it can continue. Thank you all for the prayers, support, and love you have shown. You truly have no idea how much it has meant to his whole family. You are all truly amazing.



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