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BOMBSHELL: Fox News Will Replace Megyn Kelly With Judge Jeanine Pirro!

As it’s been reported, Fox News has a plan to replace Megyn Kelly with Justice Jeanine Pirro. The reason for that is sagging ratings and an epic fail to bolster them with an attempt to take down Newt Gingrich.
Watch David Zublick’s video:

“ Hello Folks, this is David Zublick with the America Talks radio programme with a flash bullet-in. It is being reported on local talk-radio stations in New York, that Fox News is looking to dump Megan Kelly and to replace her with judge Jeanine Pirro.”
And apparently all of this originally stems from Kelly’s plummeting ratings that occurred as a result of her personal vendetta against Donald Trump.
The most recent example of this occurred just last night when Kelly brought Newt Gingrich as her guest. If you too was one of the people that saw last night’s exchange, you’d know for sure that there was a huge “dust-up” about whether or not Trump is a sexual predator.

Right on! Great choice! Judge Jeanie has so much class, Fox finally is doing something good. Looking forward to Judge Jeanine.

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