Donald Trump’s Hells Angels Want to Kick Protester Ass!

A band of bikers has pledged to keep protesters from disrupting Donald Trump’s rallies—at all costs.

Donald Trump has a new line of defense in his ongoing war against protesters: hundreds, if not thousands, of pro-Trump bikers ready and willing to provide extra security at his rallies.

And these barrel-chested bikers are already making some anti-Trump protesters think twice about demonstrating at these events.

There is a burgeoning political movement of bikers in America that wants to take their organization nationwide, and they’re going all in for Donald Trump. It’s an unprecedented step—bikers are a demographic that has never been tapped by a political campaign before.

Trump has embraced his biker supporters with gusto.

“My biker friends,” Trump said during a Q&A at a recent Wisconsin rally. His new friends aren’t just fans and are now pledging to provide ad hoc security at for their new hero, using violence if necessary.

Bikers for Trump, a 20,000-strong grassroots collection of motorcycle-riding supporters, has eschewed violence—at least according to its de facto leader. But it has found that its own supporters are ready to cross that line—if by their own estimation they should deem it required.

“If that means us having to protect ourselves by taking someone else’s life, that’s what we’re going to have to do,” one biker said, in a video shared by Bikers for Trump, on beefing up security.

Trump Patriots, which illustrated its group with bikers and described its purpose as “to provide outside security at all future Trump rallies and events [and] countering the paid protest[er] agitators increasing atmosphere of violence,” racked up more than 18,000 followers before it was apparently forcibly taken over by the hacktivist group Anonymous.

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