Hells Angel Scott Orrock Told Police to ‘Move That Car or I’ll Burn it to The Ground’

HELLS Angel Scott Orrock warned police they had ten minutes to move a truck parked outside his tattoo parlour before he would “burn it to the ground”, a court has heard today.

Orrock, who was once boss of the Nomads gang until moving to the Hells Angels, was refused bail in Parramatta Court earlier today despite his lawyer telling the court the 47-year-old is a family man and the “sole breadwinner” for his children.

Police had parked a patrol car near Orrock’s tattoo parlour Skin Deep on King St, Newtown, since Tuesday, moving it approximately every two hours, the court heard.

Documents tendered during Orrock’s bail application say he went to Newtown police about 3am on Friday and said “you f***** move that car right now…you f****** move it right away or otherwise I will burn it down.”

The four police officers on duty describe Orrock as having an “angry look” on his face with a “flushed complexion.”

“You know what you’re doing? You’re making me a target and making my family a target. I’ll give you 10 minutes to move that car or I’ll burn it to the ground,” Police allege Orrock said.

“I’m not scared of you or of my people.”

When police told him the car wouldn’t be moved, Orrock allegedly said “well you’d better be down there in 15 minutes to arrest me then” while making a stabbing motion with his index finger.

The court heard Orrock was captured on CCTV footage 10 minutes later heading towards where the police car was parked, before using an accelerant to set the vehicle alight.

“The vehicle has been written off due to the amount of damage,” court documents say.

But his lawyer Antoine Sandroussi told the court that there were no eye witnesses to the torching.

Orrock was refused bail by Magistrate Michael Morahan, who cited the seriousness of the charge as the reason to keep him in custody.

He will face Central Local Court on Thursday.

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