R&B Singer Monica Is PREGNANT With Her Fourth Child! (Baby Bump Pics Inside!)

Legendary R&B singer Monica is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child by her husband NBA player Shannon Brown.


A fan wrote in to popular blog site The Shade Room with alleged proof from the ‘So Gone’ singer herself…


The fan wrote: “I happened to be in the airport IN Atlanta today and I spotted my childhood crush Monica. I nearly lost my mind because I’ve been a fan of hers for so long. It was great to see her but even more great to learn that she is pregnant…”


The Shade Room

The fan added: “I was on the concourse train with them at the airport and somebody asked them how many months along she was and she said 4. She wasn’t hiding her belly at all. I don’t know where they were going but they got off at C concourse.

About Celebrity

Grammy award winning artist Monica has been open with her fans about her once difficult personal life. Her career came to a slow down in 1999 due to relationship problems with her ex-boyfriend Jarvis Weems. In July 2000, the couple were together at the graveside of Weems’s brother, who had died in an automobile accident at age 25 in 1998, when Weems, without warning, put a gun to his head and committed suicide.

“Afterward, I felt, ‘What else could I have done?’ You replay that situation over and over and you switch it around: Maybe if I had said this, or if I would have done that,’” she said in an interview with the The Cincinnati Enquirer the following year. “It’s just something that it’s never possible for me to go back and change.”

The BoomBox

Monica then met rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill, a former SWA officer and real estate manager, shortly after her ex-boyfriend Jarvis Weems’s suicide in 2000, a time which she described as her “weakest.” While the couple soon began dating in fall of the same year, they ended their relationship in 2004.

The Jasmine Brand

A few months later, Monica and Hill got back together and she became pregnant with their first child. On May 21, 2005, she gave birth to their first son, Rodney Ramone Hill III. Monica and Hill became engaged once again on Christmas Eve 2007, just a few days prior to the birth of their second child on January 8, 2008. The son was named Romelo Montez Hill, named after Monica’s younger brother. The two later broke up. 

Us Weekly

In June 2010, Monica met NBA player Shannon Brown when looking for someone to play the love interest in her video for “Love All Over Me.” Monica later announced her engagement to Brown via her Twitter account, posting a photo of a rose-cut diamond ring. On November 22, 2010, the couple married in a secret ceremony at their Los Angeles home.

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