See Nicki’s Bizarre Transformations Over The Last 15 Years. You Won’t Be Able To Recognize Her As A Teen

On the following pages, you’ll see pictures of Nicki Minaj and other celebrities over the years. They wish they could delete this pictures of their awkward teenage years and erase them from your memory. But as you click through, you’re going to be surprised at how much these hot starts transformed since they were awkward teens going to high school.


Watch as nerdy teens transform into hunks and bodacious babes right before your eyes.

You’ll see that puberty really can work some magic on stars as they grow beyond their awkward teen years.


Nicki Minaj is one of today’s hottest stars. Not only is she one of the most sought after and followed female hip-hop artists, she’s also done some work in Hollywood and in fashion. But as a teen, she couldn’t have been geekier.


Drake is one of the top musical artists on the planet right now, but at one point he was a geeky kid living in Toronto. Don’t believe us check out this yearbook photo from his teen days.


As Zack Efron ages, he seems to only get more hunky. Women fawn over the star and flock to his movies like honeybees to pollen. But this picture of nerdy little Efron proves that stars really can put their awkward teen years behind them!


While Harry Styles might have had a fashionable hairstyle when he was young, no one could have ever guessed this little teen would grow up to become one of the hottest guys around. Now he simply drives the girls insane!

Source: realcoolvideos.com

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