REPORT: ’95 Percent Chance’ Lions-Packers Flexed to Sunday Night in Week 17

The Detroit Lions surged forward for the vast majority of this season.

And it would’ve taken a Packers miracle to get back in playoff contention sitting at 4-6. Just a simple running of the table. Impossible, right?

Well, welcome to Week 17.

Quarterback Matt Stafford has led the Lions to a record eight fourth quarter comebacks this season and Aaron Rodgers will be fueled up and fuming for one more victory and another playoff spot.

The NFL would be foolish not to take advantage of these end of game theatrics. In fact, the nailbiting performances have earned the Lions and Packers a reported 95 percent chance to be featured in the NFL’s last Sunday Night Football game of the season. Just ask the Lions themselves.

The contest is as high stakes as it gets: the winner could likely clinch the NFC North division and a playoff berth, depending on how each team’s Week 16 goes.

Whatever the time slot, you should carve out three hours of your Sunday to watch this clash.

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