This Stat Proves the 2016 Cowboys Have the Best Offense in Franchise History

While there have been many great offenses in the history of the Dallas Cowboys, the 2016 Cowboys will go down as the best offensive team in franchise history.

Dallas beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26-20 Sunday night, earning their 12th win of the season. While the victory put the team one win away from clinching the NFC East, and a first round bye, it also put the 2016 Cowboys in a league of their own.

With the win, Dallas set a franchise record for the most games with 400 total net yards in a season.

That’s ​​pretty impressive. Well done, boys.

With rookie sensations Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott leading the way on offense, the Cowboys currently sit atop the NFC at 12-2 and look like they can’t be stopped by anyone. Well, if you don’t count the New York Giants, that is.

However, If they continue to put up that kind of yardage throughout the playoffs, I have a feeling there may be a sixth Lombardi Trophy waiting for them at the end of the season.

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