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BREAKING: WikiLeaks Just Exposed Obama’s Lies About Russia! Obama Is Trying To Sabotage Trump’s Presidency!

Barack Obama is determined to ruin America as much as possible before he leaves office and he seems to be going to drastic measures for that.

After dispelling 35 Russian Diplomats earlier today, Barack Obama may have very well made the United States violate the Vienna Convention.

Russia has since responded with a threatening message of retaliation to Obama’s idiotic insult without fact or evidence.

If there was actual evidence that these 35 diplomats had hacked the voting machines than no one would be complaining about them being expelled from our country, but their is no evidence of that and under Obama our countries relations with Russia have been tense to put it lightly.

Donald Trump has tried to reopen talks with Russia since becoming elected and the signs are good that there is hope there but that is if Obama doesn’t ruin relations with Russia completely before then.

Obama and the Democrats are trying to save face after being destroyed in the presidential election and instead of blaming themselves for a terribly run campaign, they are fabricating a Russian hacking story and the mainstream media is promoting it.

There is no evidence of Russian hacking in the election voting machines!

The answer to why Obama is doing this is simple. The only way to keep the Democrats’ lie from being completely exposed is to go in fully and that means “retaliating” towards Russia. The only problem is that Russia not only hates Obama, but also is not one to back down to a challenge.

Obama pressing our already strained relations with Russia can only make things worse and hopefully not go as far as war.

Hopefully the Democrats will not go so far as to try and sabotage Trump’s presidency by starting a war with Russia right when he takes office.

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