‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Angela Simmons Gushes Over Sutton Joseph During an Exclusive Interview

“Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons, shared the joys of motherhood as she gushed over her child’s latest milestone. Angela exclusively shared her precious moments with her son on E! Online where she mentioned the drastic changes that took place two months after having her son.

Angela Simmons did an exclusive interview where she shared that she turned to Vanessa Antonelli in terms of having her child’s nursery decorated. During her interview with E!, “Growing Up Hip Hop” star opens up about her son. Simmons shares a son with her fiance, Atlanta businessman Sutton Tennyson.

During her interview, she mentioned that her son, Sutton Joseph is already going through some major miles stones. She mentioned that her son is one actively observing anything and everything around him, and he responds to his environment as well.

“My son has been great. Obviously, I’m not getting much sleep at night but I don’t think you ever sleep the same,” Angela shared with E! News exclusively. “He’s doing a lot of different things. He’s very attentive and interested in what’s around him. It’s pretty cool.”

Aside from revealing details about her son, she also shared that her fiancé is hands-on when it comes to taking care of Sutton Joseph as well. “He’s great with him, think that the best part is definitely seeing the person you’re with interact with your child,” she stated during her interview.

Aside from sharing the joys of motherhood, she also shared how much Sutton changed her life, wherein she emphasized that before she was pregnant, Angela was only focused on herself. After giving birth to her son, however, Angela Simmons stated that her outlook in life changed from putting herself first, to putting the baby at the center of her priorities.

“I’m still figuring it out myself. Before I got pregnant, I was really into health and all that stuff so juicing, working out, cardio, making sure you get all of that,” she added. “What I will say is after becoming a mother, you have less time to really do it. Before I was pregnant, 10 a.m., 9 a.m., 8 a.m., everyday, this is how it is. Now, it becomes more about the baby than yourself so it’s about finding the time in the day to really get it done.”

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